Professor of Pathology
Primary Office: 1030 Medical Laboratories
Iowa City, IA 52242


Diploma, Master of Medicine, University of Leipzig Medical School
MD, University of Leipzig Medical School
DSc, University of Leipzig Medical School

Residency, Clinical Immunology, University of Leipzig Medical School, Germany

Licensure and Certifications

Clinical Immunologist , Leipzig, Saxony, Germany
Physician, Leipzig, Saxony, Germany

Education/Training Program Affiliations

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Immunology
Medical Scientist Training Program

Research Summary

Molecular genetics of B cell and plasma cell neoplasms.

Center, Program and Institute Affiliations

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center

Selected Publications

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LeGrand J, Park E, Wang H, Gupta S, Owens J, Nelson P, DuBois W, Bair T, Janz S, Mushinski J.  Global gene expression profiling in mouse plasma cell tumor precursor and bystander cells reveals potential intervention targets for plasma cell neoplasia.  Blood.  2012. 119(4):1018-28. 

Suthaus J, Stuhlmann-Laeisz C, Tompkins V, Rosean T, Klapper W, Tosato G, Janz S, Scheller J, Rose-John S.  HHV-8-encoded viral IL-6 collaborates with mouse IL-6 in the development of multicentric Castleman disease in mice.  Blood.  2012. 119(22):5173-81. 

Janz S, Bommert K, Effenberger M, Leich E, Küspert M, Murphy D, Langer C, Moll R, Janz S, Mottok A, Weissbach S, Rosenwald A, Bargou R, Bommert K.  The feed-forward loop between YB-1 and MYC is essential for multiple myeloma cell survival.  Leukemia.  2012. 27(2):441-450. 

Berger A, Manfredi M, Bolen J, Janz S, Lee E, Fitzgerald M, Bannerman B, Donelan J, Bano K, Terkelsen J, Bradley D, Subakan O, Silva M, Liu R, Pickard M, Li Z, Tayber O, Li P, Hales P, Carsillo M, Neppalli V, Berger A, Kupperman E, Manfredi M, Bolen J, Van Ness B, Janz S.  Antitumor activity of the investigational proteasome inhibitor MLN9708 in mouse models of B-cell and plasma cell malignancies.  Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.  2011. 17(23):7313-23. 

de Jong D, Janz S.  Anaplastic plasmacytoma of mouse-establishing parallels between subtypes of mouse and human plasma cell neoplasia.  The Journal of pathology.  2010. 221(3):242-7. 

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Han S, Yun H, Son D, Tompkins V, Peng L, Chung S, Kim J, Park E, Janz S.  NF-kB/STAT3/PI3K signaling crosstalk in iMyc E mu B lymphoma.  Molecular cancer.  2010. 9:97. 

Janz S, Ried M, Kovalchuk A, duBois W, Mushinski E, McNeil N, Hirt C, Qi C, Li Z, Janz S, Honjo T, Muramatsu M, Ried T, Behrens T, Potter M.  AID-deficient Bcl-xL transgenic mice develop delayed atypical plasma cell tumors with unusual Ig/Myc chromosomal rearrangements.  The Journal of experimental medicine.  2007. 204(12):2989-3001. 

Fujita K, Janz S.  Attenuation of WNT signaling by DKK-1 and -2 regulates BMP2-induced osteoblast differentiation and expression of OPG, RANKL and M-CSF.  Molecular cancer.  2007. 6:71.